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Intro Into The Console

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The Console provides an environment where list views, primary records and sub records can be accessed in one location. It reduces the amount of clicking necessary to get the "full picture" on specific records and is a great place to push out a high volume of calls in a short period of time through closing out activities, or calling on tenants and owners.

The Console is broken up into 4 distinct sections

  1. List Views - A list display of records based on specific criteria. The list views you can select to display in the console are the same list views defined on the selected object's tab. You cannot create a list view from the console.
  2. Detail View - The detail page view of any record selected from any of the console's frames. The detail view displays the same page layouts defined on the object's detail pages. When a record is displayed in the detail view, it is highlighted in the list view.
  3. Mini View - Records associated with the record displayed in the detail view. The fields displayed in the mini view are defined in the mini page layouts by an administrator. If a record displayed in the detail view does not have any records associated with it, then the mini view does not display.
  4. Sidebar - A column that, when moused over, displays a calendar shortcut, recent items, and the Recycle Bin, just like the sidebar displayed on every Apto page. To display the sidebar in the console, click the arrow icon on the left frame.

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