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Commissions at Proposal Stage

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Apto allows you to track the commission record throughout the sale/lease pipeline allowing you to provide a better picture of the revenue pipeline using reports and charts. Apto has a streamlined interface for editing commissions at any stage in the pipeline.

Commissions in Pipeline Objects

A commission record is first created in Apto when a proposal is created. This commission record is carried over all the way to comp. While a deal moves through this pipeline, the commissions, agents participating in the deal, their role and the probability of the deal closure might change.

Commission record can be accessed from the related list of any proposal.

  1. Go to the Proposal tab on the top and select the proposal you are interested in.

  2. Scroll down the detailed view of the selected proposal to see the commission record related to the proposal.

  3. Also notice that the pipeline section is updated with total commission and its probability. Probability is set by default to 15% but can be updated at the time of creation or later.

  1. Once a proposal is created, the commission is added to the active pipeline. The pipeline report now has probability of the commission from the proposal. Example: Lets follow the deal from the figure above, pipeline commission at proposal stage = 12%*total commission = 0.12*225000

  2. The commission from this proposal is added to the Active Pipeline report only when the status of the proposal is not dead.

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