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Changing Tab Names in Apto (Lightning)

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SummaryThis article is designed to assist users looking to change the names of their tabs in Apto.

In Apto, you have the ability to change the names of the tabs (known here as objects) that are displayed in the navigation bar, shown above. Changing tab names is useful if organizational nomenclature makes more sense to you than utilizing the standard object names already pre-loaded in Apto.

**Please note, only System Administrators have access to this function.

How to Change Tab Names

1. Click the gear icon, then “Setup” in the top right corner of the page.

2. In the Quick find box, search for and click on “Rename Tabs and Labels”.

Here’s an example:

Rename Tabs_Gif1.gif


3. In the list of available objects, click Edit next to the object you would like to rename, i.e. “In Contract”. It is important to note that the current tab name is the value displayed under the “Display Name” header in the list.

4. In the new screen you will see 3 editable fields: Record Name, Singular, and Plural. Rename the tab to the appropriate name you want to use.

5. Click Save.

Here’s an example:

Renaming Tabs_Gif2.gif


6. Return to the home screen and refresh the page. The new tab name will be displayed.



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