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Changing Stacking Settings

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Changing the stacking plan colors

  1. Go to Settings page

  2. Click on stacking plan settings

  3. Click the edit button

  4. Choose any of the predetermined themes or you can use the custom theme to modify individual foreground and background colors.

  5. Click save. Go back to the property page and refresh it to see the new colors take effect.

Changing the fields displayed on the stacking chart and hover

  1. Go to Setup | Create | objects

  1. Scroll down the list and click on Space

  2. Click on the Field Sets link on the top

  1. Click Edit on the left of the field Stack Chart Fields

  1. Drag and drop the fields to change the In the Field Set list and rearrange them. The top two are displayed on the stack chart and a max of six fields are displayed in the hover. Note: Please limit the In the Field Set list to five fields to preserve the aesthetics of the hover and the chart




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