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Apto as a CRM (Lightning)

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SummaryCongratulations on your new Apto subscription!  We are excited to help you sell smarter and close more deals.  Let’s talk about the secret sauce of Apto: Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

Good data in, good information out.

Apto (any CRM, to be frank), is only as good as the data entered into the system.  A simple database can live in an excel spreadsheet. The value of a CRM comes from turning data into information.  This requires you to do some recon in order to get the maximum ROI on your CRM investment.  Yeah, that’s right.  We aren’t afraid to use Three Letter Acronyms (TLAs).  

Decide what you want to track. 

Contacts?  Pipeline? Activities? These are all great options. Whether you’ve already explored Apto, or you haven’t logged in yet, it is imperative that you sit down with your team and decide what to track and what you’ll do with the information you’re tracking.  

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are information that Apto tracks for you.  The caveat is that you have to decide what to track, why you’re tracking the data, and what you’re going to do with it once computed.  

Want more on this subject? Check out the blog post by Apto founder, Tanner McGraw:
The KPIs every broker must know (but probably doesn’t)


This is great, but I’m a people person.

It’s undeniable that relationships are important, complicated, and sometimes volatile.  If relationships are your specialty, then Apto CRM is your superpower. Utilizing a CRM correctly gives you the ability to pull data at your fingertips. Won’t it be nice to free up some of your brainpower for other, less critical tasks (like remembering milk at the grocery store)? 

Want more on this subject? Check out the blog post by Apto founder, Tanner McGraw:
Why a people person needs data, too

Ready to dive in? 

We’re excited to see you level-up your brokerage.  Keep in mind that your approach to CRM is the single most important factor of success when working with Apto.  


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