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Apto Commissions: Managing A/R & A/P

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SummaryApto Commissions can serve as your commissions sub-ledger, allowing you to manage invoices and expenses across your deals.

As a part of managing your business, you want to have a good understanding of your accounts receivable and accounts payable as it relates to commissions.  You can find this information in Apto for a single deal as well as for your overall business.

Single Deal

At a deal-level, you can use the Commission section to see the calculated nets based on the deal terms.

  • Commission Amount: the gross commission on the deal
  • Commission %: the negotiated % of commission
  • Total Net Commissions: payments received minus commission expense
  • Brokerage Net on Amount Received: brokerage net income based on current payments
  • Estimated Brokerage Net for the Deal: the total gross revenue expected for the brokerage on this deal

Across Deals

Click the tab and find Back Office A/R & A/P.

This can serve as your commissions sub-ledger.  On the left is your accounts receivable; the right, your accounts payable.  The middle column displays net information.  Reviewing this report can inform certain actions, such as following up with a client who has a large number of invoices outstanding, or reviewing your deals with the highest expenses to review cost structures.



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