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Apply Payment Credit

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The advance payment can be allocated to one or more invoices when the deal is booked. The same process can be used when you receive one payment for multiple invoices.

  1. Go to the comp that you need to apply the payment to and click on Log a Payment button located in the invoice related list.
  2. The system will automatically go over all the credits from payments associated with the entered client and/or company.
  3. You can either skip the new payment screen and apply the existing credit by clicking the Skip Payment link or you can create another payment by entering payment amount and date and also use the credit. In this example, I did not receive any new payments and I am going to click on skip payment and use credit link.
  4. This page lists all the payments related to the company or contact, click on the check box on the left side to select a particular payment. You can select one or all payments according to your will.

  5. In the next step, the amount is applied to the invoice. If you notice, I picked a payment with credit $50,000 but I have only one Invoice that need to be paid for this comp and that has an outstanding amount of $29,280. The invoice is marked as paid in full and the remaining $20,720 will be in credit to be applied for any other invoices sent to the same client.

  6. Allocate the same amount paid out to the invoice to corresponding agent’s gross commission and also any holdbacks.

  7. Click Log Payment to finish entering this payment or click Log Payment and Pay Commissions if you want to pay the net commissions to the agents.



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